About us

Geospatial Extensions

Geospatial Extensions provides value-added, cost-effective, software extensions that can be easily implemented by existing geospatial users. Geospatial Extensions is also a full-service GIS consulting company with a genuine commitment to professional, affordable & personalized GIS and development services.

Founder Gerald Marbury

Geospatial Extensions, Inc was incorporated in 2004.

Gerald is a diversified software engineer, a geospatial system-integration visionary, and an esteemed utility software expert. He has practical real-world experience, and a strong ability to apply technology “outside the box.” With a master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Gerald worked for a large electric utility and was previously the head of software development for 2 other leading utility software and service providers and provided consulting services to many others.

Software “Extensions”

- Custom or Packaged.
- Data-model independent .
- Focus on Utilities.
- TVA.

Developer Consultants

- Magnolia River Services.
- Milsoft Utility Solutions.
- SEDC / Futura.
- OneGIS (Acquired by Rolta).

Related Indirect Solutions

- FlowGIS, OutageMessenger.
- ScadaDB, UpnGIS, FlowGIS Mobile.
- 100’s of Gas and Electric Utilities.